What The Great Guitar Players Arenít Telling You About How To Be Amazing At The Guitar

by Darryl Powis

You have hopes and dreams of becoming amazing at the guitar. You donít just want to strum a few chords. You want to inspire people. You want to wow them and connect with them on an emotional level with your playing.

Youíve seen your favourite guitarists do it and youíve decided you would figure out how to do it too.

Iím here to tell you that for you to become amazing at the guitar in the shortest amount of time, there are only a few ways to do it.

If you only want to be able to strum a few of your favourite songs. Then this article isnít for you. This is only if you want to be exceptional in your guitar playing, for your own self-satisfaction.

Two ways to get to the top

There are not two sure ways to get to the top. But at the top level of guitar players. You can find two quite distinct ways that they have done it.

One way of getting to the top of their guitar playing game is time. They spend hours, figuring out how it works. Picking up bits and pieces, translating knowledge from other instruments into the guitar. Working really damn hard. Putting in tonnes of effort, hours, after hours, days after days and years after years. You get the idea.

Another way of getting to the top is to get advice and help. So there are other guitar players who seek out the right information and implement it. Also through lots of hard work. To become awesome guitar players.

The big difference that comes is when those two groups of people decide to teach. If you have a guitar teacher from the guitar players, who have worked really hard blindly figuring things out. Then you might be very inspired to become good at playing. But they may not know the best methods to teach you. And because they donít know how they got good themselves, they may forget what it was like in the beginning.

If you get a guitar teacher, who knows how they got good at guitar. They tend to be much better at explaining concepts and guide you in a logical way to become an awesome guitar player!

Getting the Best Inside Information on How To Get Awesome At Guitar

Besides picking a guitar teacher who knows how to help you to advance quickly to the top. You also want the best information possible.

There are a lot of misconception out there about how to learn to play the guitar. Thatís mainly due to two things.

The guitar is quite a young instrument in comparison to classical instruments. A lot of the ways guitar is taught is derived from classical teaching. However, to play rock, metal, pop and many other styles. Classical is not always the best way or the most fun to learn.

There are also a lot of self-taught guitar players who can play reasonably well by figuring out things out by themselves. Again, they may fall into the countless hours of guessing to sound good category of guitar players. And they use the information they believe the used to teach others. Without realising that perhaps there is a better way, or they are themselves using a better method but donít know how to teach it. Then all this information gets taught to different guitar players which are regurgitated and revamped into articles and books.

Does It Matter If I Learn These Less Awesome Ways to Learn Guitar?

In the beginning and even in the intermediate terms, it may not make as much of a difference using these methods of learning. But long-term playing and understanding of the guitar can be jeopardised because of it. As I said before, this is for if you want to get to the advanced level of playing. Then getting it right the first time will save you hours of work.

If you have the best method, the best technique and best practising methods for exactly what you want to achieve on the guitar. Then you can shoot straight for the top. Otherwise, you may be doing merry go rounds trying to do the same things over and over again.

To help you get to the top fastest way possible so that you can amaze others with your incredible guitar playing skills. Then I would recommend getting an awesome guitar teacher. You want one from the second group of guitar players. Someone who continues to educate him or herself to improve their own guitar playing. They have a plan of how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. And they have the ability to teach even difficult concepts to be understood easily. If you were to question their teaching method, they should be able to explain to you why it works and how itís going to help you with your guitar playing.

I hope this helps! The better you want to get at guitar, and the faster you want to do it. Then the more important it is to get an awesome guitar teacher.

About Author: Darryl Powis is a guitar teacher and guitar school owner from London, England. Providing guitar lessons in London for beginners and adults.