The Value of a Good Guitar Teacher

By Janus Buch

Confession time here, Iím a full time guitar teacher and I make my living teaching guitar. As such I am very bias when it comes to questions about the value of a guitar teacher. Most anything else, it is obvious why you need a teacher and most people do not question it. For some reason a lot of people seem to think, that guitar is different or they believe getting a teacher is to expensive, so they would rather save the money and simply learn on their own. But let me explain why I believe that a good guitar teacher could be of great value to you, and then you can decide for yourself.

I think Iíll learn the guitar on my own Iíve heard this many times with all kinds of different reasoning behind it. One of the most common reason I that ďwhen so and so didnít take lessons, why should IĒ. While it is true, that a lot of great guitarists have learned to play amazingly without a teacher, it is also true, that for ever one person who learns to play well on their own, there is at least 99 who fails in learning on their own. If this was not the case, I would be out of a job. Besides from being frustrating, the process of learning is also fairly dependent on luck. There is so many pitfalls in learning guitar, that avoiding enough of them to actually get good at guitar, is largely a question about luck. That is, if you donít have a teacher guiding you.

Lying out a road for you to follow Often students who study on their own, learn stuff, song or techniques based on what they need right now or simply solving the problem that is right in front of them. Becoming a good guitarist is like climbing a mountain. Itís one small step at the time. But the road you travel up the mountain is what makes the big difference. Ideally you wanna travel the safest, fastest and most direct road to where you wanna go, but doing this is very hard, if you are standing at the feet of the mountain looking up, with no direction or roadmap. What ends up happening is, we take a step forward hoping that we are traveling the correct road, but most of the time, we will end up having to go backwards trying a new road up the mountain, because it turned out the first one was wrong. This is very much what happens with guitar students as well. Having a teacher is like having a sherpa to guide you up the mountain. Not only will you not get lost, but you will also avoid all the pitfalls, that you donít yet know are there. This includes everything from when to start leaning bar chords to how to hold your pick correctly. In other words, seeing your guitar playing journey from a 30.000 foot view is exactly what you need, to be ably to make the most process in the fastest and less frustrating way.

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