Top 5 Most Asked Questions When It Comes to Learning Guitar

There are some very common questions that we get asked all the time as guitar teachers. If you are just starting out on the guitar, you may be asking the same things too. Letís have a read and find out!

Hopefully it helps you as a beginner guitar player.

  1. Is acoustic guitar easier to start on?

    A lot of people start out on an acoustic not knowing that acoustic guitar playing actually harder than electric!

    Meaning if you play an electric guitar, you will find it easier, and therefore you can practise longer without being in pain and improve your technique. Then move onto acoustic.

    However, if you really want to play acoustic guitar music only, then itís worth getting started on an acoustic. But if you would like to play electric guitar at one point. You might find yourself preferring to play an electric guitar first.

  2. How long will it take for me to get good at guitar?

    We get this questions frequently, and this is a multifaceted question. First off, how hard are you willing to work at guitar? How much time are you willing to put in? How good at you at following instructions? Are you willing to find the right person to coach you?

    On top of that, how good do you want to get on the guitar, or what do you consider as being ďgoodĒ?

    This might depend on the type of music you want to play, how confident you want to feel when playing, or how carefree.

    Different people come into guitar with different level of abilities and potential for playing guitar.

    What I mean by this is that some people may be more coordinated than others, spent more time visualising playing the guitar, more time exposed to music or listening to it. All of it makes a difference towards how quickly you progress on the guitar.

  3. Why do my fingers hurt when I play guitar?

    Your fingertips may be a little soft at the moment, as you play more guitar, your calluses will build on your fingertips. Make sure you donít use lots of hand cream and take lots of baths. That will slow the development of your calluses.

  4. Can I play guitar if I am left handed?

    Of course, there are lots of left handed guitars you can choose from. You will have to learn how to read certain things mirrored.

    Remember not to restring a right handed guitar and think it will automatically work for left handed.

  5. How long will it be before I can play a song?

    This is similar to the question before regarding getting good at the guitar. You can easily play a simple song within the first hour. But it wonít be very impressive.

    The other thing to consider is, do you just want to play one song on the guitar? Or do you want to become a musician. Be able to learn hundreds of songs quickly and easily, and be able to play songs on the spot, carefree and easily.

    That is more important than thinking about how to play this one song.

Hope that helps with a few questions you may have had as a beginner guitar player.

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